shutterstock_148695098During our initial meeting with customers, we encourage them to share their ideas, goals, and overall business objectives for their new collection. Most of the time, they already have a vision of how they want the garment to look and the style direction they would like their clothing apparel to follow. We allocate as much time that is necessary to determinate the customer’s plans for their collection. It is important for us to listen to each of our clients to be able to meet their specific needs.

After our pattern-making department gathers all the information to fully understand their project, they carefully make a sample of each clothing item. Generally, the team considers: fabrications, fit and trim. Their goal is to keep all these as exact to the customer’s specifications in an effective time and manner.

As soon as the sample is created, the criteria for accepting or rejecting items are taken into consideration and all required changes are made. When necessary, the department creates another sample and submits it for approval. Once approved, additional salesman samples are created for markets.

As a full-service private label manufacturer with complete embellishment solutions, our services include: pattern making, grading, marker making, sample making, cutting and sewing, contract screen printing , caviar beading, embroidery, and garment dyeing and washing. In addition, some of the garments we manufacture are: T-shirts, sport shirts, oxfords, onesies, sweatshirts, camp shirts, rib R-shirts, and sports specialty wear. To provide added convenience for our clients and their businesses we can also drop ship to any of their customers.